woensdag 21 oktober 2009

SP2010 - Application pages and dynamic masterpages

Remember waaay back when SharePoint 2007 was still used and we could not change the masterpage for application pages. Well, all that has changed. Application pages dynamically adapt to the masterpage of the site they're in.

I can name a bunch of customers who will be very happy with this... :-)

SP2010 - List improvements

Quite some things have improved for lists in SP2010. Some of the improvements are:

transactional cascading deletion (and restriction of deletion)
In the list settings the will be an option to enforce relationship behaviour. This will have 2 options: rerstrict delete and
cascade delete.
1. When an item in the target list is deleted cascade delete will delete ALL related items in this list.
2. Restrict delete will prevent the deletion of an item in the target list if it has one or more related items in this list.

formula based validation
In the list settings you will have the possibilty to select a field and enter a formula for validation. The formula
"=len(Lastname)=30" for instance will limit the name for the Lastname field to 30 characters. Another nice feature
is that you can also fill in the error message that will be displayed to users. Fantastic, isn't it!!

lookups to multiple columns
What else can I say but: sweet!!

SP2010 - Bye bye tables, hello div's

Just a short message: in SP2010 the only table's you will see are the legacy one's for the sake of being compatible with SP2003 and SP2007. All new code will be purely div based!!! I think quite some designers did a happy dance when they heard this. :-)

SP1020 - BCS, theye're awesome

In my opinion of the greatest improvements of SP2010 are the new and improved BDC's. They're so improved that their name has changed to BCS.

The most important feature has to be the fact that they support updating now. This finishes them really off in my opinion.

Another EXCEPTIONAL feature is that you can connect you BCS data to a SharePoint list. Any modifications you make in the list will be applied to your BCS back-end DIRECTLY. You read this right my friend.

As Rolando Jimenez showed in his presentation: you can also show multiple tables from SQL as one record in a SharePoint list. I see this really taking off in SP2010, and becoming one hell of an important feature.

SP2010 - Visually design webparts in VS2010

Okay, so this is not a really big improvement, but still one that makes life easier. From now on, webparts can be designed in VS 2010 by dragging controls onto your webpart. Now I'm to used to inserting controls dynamically in my webparts, but I can imagine having a simple webpart where you have a label, a button and a textbox. These 3 controls can be dragged on to your webparts and presto... you can start coding.

I heard from a lot of beginning developers that they miss this feature. Well guys, you will enjoy SP2010!!

SP2010 - Development on Win7/Vista machines

Right now I'm at the SP2010 conference, and one of the nice things I heard is from now on us dev's have the possibility to develop on our local machines. Yeah, no more VPC's guys!!

It will require a 64-bit OS though. And as Paul Andrew said during his speech it will not be supported for production.

I think this is a great move by the SP team. All of the resources of the PC will be available from now on. (instead of only 70% of the PC's memory for instance) I really look forward to this!

Furthermore, I never could get over the fact that F5 didn't start a debugging session. Wel, in VS2010 (in a web part project) F5 will deploy the wsp for you!!! Yeah, and you can start debugging right from the get-go. Now how awesome is that!!!!